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 Alta Mere Drive
 Beach Street
 Camp Bowie Blvd
 Camp Bowie West
 Cooks Lane
 Eastchase Parkway
 Forest Park Blvd
 Green Oaks Blvd
 Home Street
 Hulen Street
 Las Vegas Trail
 Martin L King Fwy
 Montgomery Street
 Oakland Blvd
 Palo Pinto Dr
 Riverside Drive
 Summit Ave
 University Drive
 20 Hwy
 35 Hwy
 341 Spur
 820 Loop Eastside
 820 Loop Westside

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Interstate 30 Fort Worth Traffic

i-30 Fort Worth Traffic ...

Traffic map by default is centered on the i-30 in Fort Worth at Camp Bowie Blvd / 377 Hwy ...
use elevation controls to zoom in/out & around map ... see i-30 Fort Worth News below ...

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Interstate 30 Fort Worth Map
The Interstate 30 in Fort Worth, abbreviated "i-30 Fort Worth", is the main interstate highway route and traffic corridor that travels across the Fort Worth area in generally a East - West direction.

Some portions of the i-30 in Forth Worth are called/known as the "East Freeway", while some other portions are also called/known as the "West Freeway".

The i-30 is the only major direct interstate highway route/traffic corridor that directly connects the downtown area's of both Fort Worth and Dallas.

The map above shows the i-30 in Fort Worth (highlighted in pink) where it travels through the Fort Worth area.

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